Today is my 3 year anniversary at Collegeside. As I reflect on the day, I couldn’t be more grateful for the blessing of being a part of the Collegeside family! I’m so thankful that God continues to surround me with a group of teenagers who are seeking to grow and move closer to Christ, that God continues to challenge me to grow and learn as I seek to be the best I can be, that God puts parents and college students in our path who shine as examples of His love, that God has blessed me with Shepherds who love my family and continuously show their care, that God has a team of ministers in place here to provide encouragement and example as we continue to move and grow, and that God has given me a loving and supportive wife and 3 amazing little boys.

Every year that passes causes me to look back on the incredible things that have happened and the profound lessons that I have learned. I pray that we are constantly moving forward to be spirit filled and spirit led people who represent Christ no matter where we are. To everyone reading this, thank you for your participate, prayers and support. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for Teenside in the coming years!

THIS WEDNESDAY (3 Big things you need to know about!)

This Wednesday, we will be meeting at Teenside at 5:30 for the monthly meal with the congregation. It’s an inexpensive meal and a great way for us to interact with our church family. Please make sure to join us (and bring your entire family!)

On Wednesday, we need all the teens to eat quick, because at 6pm, we are going to help bag and bundle the donated school supplies that were given for Northeast Elementary. Please come help us. The more teens we have, the quicker we can finish.

At 6:30pm, we will be meeting with Kidside for our Night of Praise. It is a spirit filled night of praise and worship! Come sing with us in the Small Auditorium at 6:30pm.

There will be no Girl’s Bible Study before Night of Praise this week. Everyone will be meeting for the meal and school supply packing.

ANCHOR POINT WILL BEGIN AGAIN ON AUGUST 9!!! Join us tomorrow for a meal, a project, and a night of praise!


August 26 is the date for the Radiant Girl’s Conference at Hardin Valley. For more information, please visit https://www.radiantconferenceknox.com/

Please go to teenside.com to sign up.

GOODWILL FORMAL – Saturday, August 12 from 5:30-9pm

It’s one of our new school year traditions! Join us on August 12 as we say farewell to the summer! Head out to Goodwill, or the thrift shop, or the yardsale, or grandma and grandpa’s closet of unique old clothes, and put together your best outfit! We will award prizes for the most awesome attire! We will begin at 5:30. There is no cost to attend! If you are one of those teens who doesn’t like the hunt for amazing goodwill attire, join us anyway! We want you there too! Go to teenside.com to sign-up and let us know you will be there.

Several parents have asked about partnering with us for this event. I need help with food (we are providing the main dish, drinks and desserts, and with serving and cleanup. Please go to www.teenside.com and click on the sign-up sheet link. You will see our food needs there. 


There is a group studying every Wednesday for Bible Bowl. See Grant Shirley if you want to be a part of it.


  • A Knoxville Event With The Hardin Valley Group
  • The Hunt 2017
  • Anchor Point

Let us know if there are events that you want to see on the upcoming Teenside Calendar